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Therapy Services

It can go by many names, Therapy, Psychotherapy, Talk Therapy or Counseling, but we like to think of it as healing conversations. Psychotherapy can reduce or eliminate troubling thoughts and emotions to increase functioning in your daily life. Psychotherapy can address difficulties in coping with life transitions, the impact of traumatic experiences, psychosomatic symptoms, mental illness, grief and loss. Therapy can also help people address challenging relationship dynamics in the family, in the workplace, or romantic partnerships.

Types of Services


Individual Therapy 

Our holistic approach to individual therapy includes traditional treatment approaches such as psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy, while incorporating our client's spiritual and cultural practices. If you are in need of one-on-one support with life's challenges or if you are seeking deeper meaning in your life, individual therapy with one of our licensed therapists can help you reach your goals.


Fee: $150/1 hr

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