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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can support you and your partner in learning effective ways of managing everyday issues and major life changes. We provide empathetic support as you explore the roots of conflicts, communication challenges and love languages to improve your relationship and increase intimacy. 


Fee: $175/1 hr

Individual Therapy

Our holistic approach to individual therapy includes traditional treatment such as psychodynamic and mindfulness cognitive behavioral therapy, while incorporating our client's spiritual and cultural practices. If you are in need of one-on-one support with life's challenges or if you are seeking deeper meaning in your life, individual therapy with one of our licensed therapists can help you reach your goals.


Fee: $150/1 hr

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a great way for you and your family to reconnect and strengthen your bond. Whether you’re dealing with “terrible twos” or helping a teenager manage the stressors of growing up, we are here to support you. Our attachment-based approach will provide you with practical tools and effective  strategies to help all members of the family have their needs met, and enjoy each other without the drama.

Fee: $175/1 hr

Group Therapy

Our processing groups provide a safe space and supportive community in times when there is much disconnect. Our unique take on group therapy allows you to dive into “the work”, alongside other individuals seeking healing, love and growth. Feeling disconnected? Searching for guidance or clarity? Need to vent with others that will keep it real with you?  Join us in "Spillin Tea in Therapy".


 Fee: $50/1 hr

Forensic Assessments  Juvenile & Transfer Cases  

Gabriela Muniz, LCSW is an expert witness on the approved list of  Licensed Clinical Social Workers for the Juvenile Delinquency Court in Los Angeles County. Her extensive mental health and forensic experience, coupled with her passion for social justice allows her to thoughtfully advocate for her client's needs. A legal document is created through collaboration with attorneys, review of medical, academic and social functioning records, client and family interviews to build a comprehensive understanding of the individual’s life. Gabriela makes recommendations to plan and support each individual in their community and reduce recidivism. Gabriela also provides consultation and leads mitigation investigations for capital cases.  Please contact her to further discuss how she can support your client or family member.

Fee: $500-$1,000

Immigration Mental Health Assessments

Gabriela & Karen have extensive experience working with immigrants from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  Their specialized training in trauma and mental health assessments can help you during the process of fighting to remain in the United States lawfully. Their reports will provide the court with a comprehensive report to promote their understanding of the extreme hardship that a deportation would cause your family. Our evaluations include meeting with you individually for up to 4 sessions, interviews with your family members, and a thorough review of your case documents.


Fee: $1200