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The Resiliency Shoppe clinicians have extensive experience working with immigrant families from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Their specialized training in trauma and psychological assessments can aid you in immigration court proceedings, to remain in the United States lawfully. Through the evaluation process they are able to provide the court with a comprehensive report, to advocate for your family, and mitigate the hardship a deportation would cause.  Our evaluations include meeting with you individually for up to 4 sessions, interviews with your family members, and a thorough records review to compile an extensive research supported report that can be provided to the court. 


Fee: $1200

Types of Evaluations 

Cancellation of Removal 

Cancellation of removal is a form of immigration relief that can be granted to certain non-citizens who are facing deportation from the United States, and whose deportation would cause extreme hardship to their resident or citizen family. 

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