Meet the Therapists

Gabriela Muniz, LCSW

Gabriela has a great passion for providing quality mental health services to a diverse group of clients. Her unique experience and specialized skill set allows her to support clients in living their best life. Her clients, friends and family describe her as warm, genuine, open, collaborative, intelligent and emotionally-attuned. She helps people around her feel safe, seen, and supported. Gabriela’s non-judgmental approach provides a perfect combination of listening and reflection to help her clients reach a level of self-awareness and create change.  


If  you wish to speak further, please set up a free 15-minute consultation and Gabriela would love to connect with you. 

Karen Rivas Cobar, LMFT

Karen is passionate about helping people find strength within themselves no matter the age. Karen’s work with individuals, couples and families encourages connection, problem solving  and increased communication within the family  to promote peace for all members. Karen's clients, friends and family describe her as loving, caring, intelligent, joyful, and compassionate. Her approach to therapy is honest but gentle, which allows her to navigate the needs of her clients. Her goal is always to guide them toward a path of healing and growth and help them feel optimistic about the future. 

If  you wish to speak further, please set up a free 15-minute consultation and Karen would love to connect with you.

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Why we do this?

We are two working moms who started our own business with aspirations to model for our clients that strength, hard work, love and dedication can help make your dreams come true. Join us in our holistic journey towards healing and wellness.  

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Why Us?

As women of color we understand the importance of having a safe space to be yourself. As parents we can help you find

your unique balance of love and discipline 

with your child. As human beings we can support your journey of becoming the best version of yourself.